The company started its commercial operation production in 1999. It is located at Jalan Lok Yen, Off KM 19.1 Jalan Labuk at the Integrated Timber Complex at Seguntor in the Municipal Council of Sandakan, Sabah Malaysia, Apparently, the company employs around 140 people.
The company occupies an industrial area for sawmill or other timber based industries of approximately 16.33 acres with a total build up area of approximately 120,000 square feet.
The company has various objectives as listed down in the Memorandum and Articles of Association. However, the main objectives of the company are the manufacturing of particleboard and short cycle melamine laminated particleboard and eventually knock down furniture for further downstream and processing of raw particleboard with substantial value added to the final product. The company has been exporting about 80% of its products to countries like China, Korea, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan and Philippines and the surplus about 20% of its product is for the local market such as furniture manufacturer and other related timber industries.
  The layout plan of the plant is specially design by a team of professional comprising of project engineer form the system supplier of the particleboard plant Messrs Kvaerner Panel System GmbH, engineer from the single Daylight Short Cycle lamination plant Messrs Mashinenfabrick Dieffenbacher HmbH and participated by local consulting engineers of Civil and Structural Consultant messrs K.K Lee and Associates while Mechanical Consultant Messrs Network Consult and Management and Electrical Consultant Messrs NTM Consult.
The build up of the plant with an approximately cover area of about 50000 square feet for housing its main plant and another building of approximately 50000 square feet for the storage of the pack particleboard and laminated melamine particleboard. Adjacent to the main plant and the storage area, a second building was built to house the single daylight short cycle laminating plant which requires a cover area of about 20000 square feet. Two other subsidiaries building was also build for the in-feed of materials called the flaker production plant and the screening plant for the refining of the dried material ready to be transported to the main plant by chain flight conveyors ready for production into particleboard. Apart from the main factory building, storage building and the flaker production plant and screening plant, the compulsory also has a generator plant capable of producing 4 Megawatt of electrical power for the plant electrical consumption. Initially, this said plant has been used but now the plant reserved as stand-by in case electricity supply form SESB failed. The company has electricity supplied from SESB since 2007and next a pump house for the installation of high-pressured water pump for the fire protection system. A corporate office block was built for the operation, logistics planning, marketing and administration of the company.
  The company has already been granted with a particleboard manufacturing license from the State and Federal Department and the other local authorities especially the town council and the Department of Environtment.
  With the approval from both the State and Federal Department, the company objectives is in line with the Government policy and the global environment implication policy on the timber industries and the management is confident that the company will be able to market its product in any market since the particleboard plant is using recycle wood or waste material obtain form surrounding sawmills and plywood mills. In order to achieve our objectives the company will be getting the raw material from neighboring mills and plywood factory whereby they can dispose off the waste wood to out plant instead of burning the waste material which is against the international call for prohibiting of opening burning to protect the environment.
  In 2008, the company has entered into an agreement with the States Government of Sabah under a scheme named Sustainable Forest Management License Agreement (SFMLA) in pursuance to section 15 (1) Forest Enactment, 1968. The said agreement has come into force on the 11 September 2008. This project will be the company's up-stream and plan for future catering of sawmill, moulding and particleboard plant requirements.

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